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Love Gift


We are celebrating 85 years of Love Gift in 2020.  Love Gift is a gift to United Mission and supports American    Baptist Mission and Ministry.  American Baptist Women’s Ministries receives United Mission dollars equivalent to 15% of Love Gift.

You can support LOVE GIFT in the following ways:

  1. Receive a LOVE GIFT offering at every women’s event or meeting in your church.

  2. Place LOVE GIFT boxes on tables at conferences and board meetings. 

  3. Keep a large jar in back of the church for “Pennies from Heaven for LOVE GIFT.”

  4. Set LOVE GIFT goals for giving. 

  5. Give each family in your church a packet to learn about LOVE GIFT.  Include items such as the LOVE GIFT box, the LOVE GIFT brochure, and the website address for American Baptist Missions.

  6. Every fifth Sunday of a month, receive a LOVE GIFT offering during worship.

  7. Offer incentives for achieving the LOVE GIFT goal your church sets.

If your church does not have organized women’s ministries you can still participate in LOVE GIFT. 

To order free LOVE GIFT materials and additional LOVE GIFT boxes visit: 

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