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Bylaws & Standing Rules

The Bylaws Committee has been working for the past year to update the documents.  The primary changes are needed because PNW/ABWM no longer has 'Areas' (FWA, NPS, IS, WIMA) and to also correct typographical and grammatical errors.  Lorna Flannery, Jo Seylmes, Gail Aita, and I have gone over both documents; however, we still may have missed needed changes.

The revised Bylaws & Standing Rules will be voted on at the Virtual Conference on October 2nd.  Please take time to read them.  Each line is numbered, so if you need clarification, or want to suggest a change, please send me the document name, and the number that is to the left, (i.e., Standing Rules Line 109, or Bylaws Line 97, etc.) and I will update, if needed.

Please don't pick the documents apart; if something isn't clear, please contact me at  If you want to talk to me, email me your phone number and I'll call you.  I do not answer numbers if I don't know who is calling.  There will not be time during the Virtual Conference to review the either document line-by-line.

Bylaw and Standing Rules: Text
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